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A Christmas Assortment
By Richard Tydeman and Evelyn Cavendish
Directed by Pamela Hoad and Ian Guy

11th - 13th December 2019, Cornerstone.

A Christmas Assortment - Forty Winks Beauty, as the three fairies

We cover potted, rhyming, versions of Snow White, Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty

A Christmas Assortment - Red Hot Cinders, Cinders and Fairy Godmother

We also see how a Prince and Princess rebel against their sickly fairy story wedding.

A Christmas Assortment - Red Hot Cinders,  Step Mother, Grace and Lilli

See what mayhem ensues when a certain miserable dwarf runs a dating agency for desperate Princes and check in on the local assizes where three fairy story villains plead their innocence as they tell their back stories proving, beyond all doubt, that it really wasn't their fault.

A Christmas Assortment - Princeipally Yours,  A miserable Dwarf

Honestly M'Lud!

A Christmas Assortment - Principally Yours,  Princes Charming, Aladdin and Phillip

Snow White Special
By Richard TydemanDirected by Pam Hoad
CompereRoger Mathewson
GustavRichard Hogben
JaybeeDoug Thomson
Snow WhiteElla James
Queen ErmyntrudeLynda Anning
AttendantJoseph Newell
Dwarf 1Christopher Meacock
Dwarf 2Miles Clayton-Foster
Dwarf 3Emmy Lloyd
And They All Lived ...
By Evelyn CavendishDirected by Ian Guy
NarratorMeg Henkus
PrinceRic Hutton
PrincessKirsten Lees
Forty Winks Beauty
By Richard TydemanDirected by Pamela Hoad
CompereSarah Newell
The KingDoug Thomson
The QueenGill Cree
Leading FairyChristopher Meacock
Second FairyMiles Clayton-Foster
Third FairyEmmy Lloyd
MaudLynda Anning
Soldier and NurseJoseph Newell
BeautyElla James
PrinceRic Hutton
It Wasn't My Fault
By Evelyn CavendishDirected by Ian Guy
Older ManDoug Thomson
WomanKirsten Lees
Young ManKyle Carter
Red Hot Cinders
By Richard TydemanDirected by Pamela Hoad
CompereRoger Mathewson
CinderellaElla James
Step MotherLynda Anning
LilliRichard Hogben
GraceDoug Thomson
Fairy GodmotherGill Cree
Prince CharmingRic Hutton
HeraldJoseph Newell
Princeipally Yours
By Evelyn CavendishDirected by Ian Guy
DwarfOliver Hale
Prince AladdinRic Hutton
Prince CharmingKyle Carter
Prince PhillipMiles Clayton-Foster