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Exeter Drama Company

Aladdin - December 1993

This version of Aladdin was written by our own members of Exeter Drama Company.

Aladdin - Ping and Pong

It includes all the usual pantomime characters, including the Genie of the lamp, two pretty daft policemen and everyone's favourite dame, Widow Twankey.

Aladdin - Wishy Washy and Widow Twankey

And, despite all the evil doings and trials and tribulations, it all ends happily ever after!

Aladdin - The Full Cast

AbanazerDenise Hill
Spirit of the Ring Liza Needs
Wishy WashyMarcus Condron
Widow Twankey John Marshall
AladdinKathy Southard
Ping Jenny Trace
Pong Lynda Jewell
The Grand Vizier Alan Smith
Princess Lotus Blossom Laura Hartley
Cherry OrchardKate Batchelor
Mrs WonPam Slee
Miss Wong Pamela Hoad
Mrs WrightPam Rickard
Genie Richard Baggs
Emperor Richard Holladay
EmpressPamela Hoad
Villagers Frances Guy, Richard Holladay, Pamela Hoad, Pam Rickard & Pam Slee
Children Eloise Dale, Natalie Hazleton,
Lucy Holladay, Joannah Northcott,
Helen Selley, Paul Slee
and Carly Woodger
Script Writers Michael Cannings, Frances Guy,
Ian Guy, Denise Hill, Lynda Jewell,
Bev Little, Malcolme Littler
and Di Phillips
Directed byBev Little and Malcolme Littler