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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Directed by Pam Hoad and Robin Thwaytes
Was performed 9th - 13th December 2014 at The Shed.

One of the most well-known books in the world with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, brought to life on stage.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - White Rabbit, Doormouse and Mad Hatter

In this version, adapted by Tim Kelly, a cast of wondrous and colourful characters greet Alice when she follows a white rabbit down a hole in the ground.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Alice and Humpty Dumpty

We followed her adventures as she met the Duchess, the March Hare, nice and not so nice White and Red Kings and Queens and were present at the trial of the Knave.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Red Queen and Footman

Dodo’s, caterpillars, playing cards, twins, cats, dormice and, of course, a very Mad Hatter create both magic and mystery!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Humpty Dumpty, Cook, Dodo, Lory, Knight, Alice, White Queen and Queen of Hearts

Young AliceElla James
Older Alice (sister)Jenny Nash
White RabbitRhys Denton
MouseJake Lee
Mock TurtleRoger Mathewson
LorySofia Papadopoulos
DodoAbi Norton
Red QueenLynda Anning
Soldier OneEmma Wakeham
Soldier TwoLeo Harding
Knave of HeartsJosh Britton
Queen of HeartsTara Studholme Lyons
CaterpillarAbigail Norton
FootmanJosh Britton
DuchessDenise Gough
CookMeg Henkus
Cheshire CatDave Britton
TweedledeeLeo Harding
TweedledumJake Lee
Mad HatterRoger Mathewson
DormouseJake Lee
RoseSofia Papadopoulos
DaisyAbi Norton
White QueenDenise Gough
KnightDoug Thomson
Humpty DumptyDave Britton
King of HeartsBrian Lawless