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Spend And Raise - Exeter Drama Company

Exeter Drama Company

All the World's a Stage

Compiled by Sarah Newell and Alice Purcell
29th and 30th September 2017

All the World's a Stage - AJ, Robin and Malcolme

We regale you with theatre stories of the wild and whacky the personalities as well as the plays!

All the World's a Stage - Tara, Clarissa and Di in Braying the Part

Jokes aplenty, spine tingling ghost stories and a mini production (or two).

All the World's a Stage - Stephen and AJ - narrators

Even bringing the panto season forward by a couple of months!

All the World's a Stage - Clarissa, Roger and Tara as society ladies in Puss in Slippers

All the fun of the theatre.

All the World's a Stage - Di as the Queen Mother and Malcolme as King Dacius in Puss in Slippers

Steve Proud, Ian Guy, Clarissa Place, Roger Mathewson, AJ Nouman, Tara Studholme Lyons, Robin Thwaytes, Malcolme Littler and Di Phillips.