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Spend And Raise - Exeter Drama Company

Exeter Drama Company


By Marcelle Maurette

Directed by Jenny Nash
6th - 10th September 2016 at 7.30pm

Anastasia - Anna, Boris Chernov, Piotr Petrovin and Prince Bounine Anastasia - Piotr Petrovin, Anna, Sleigh Driver, Sergei, Charwoman and Varya

1930s Berlin hums with a rumour that the Czars youngest daughter had escaped the bullets at Ekaterinburg in 1918.

Anastasia - Dowager Empress and Anna Anastasia - Prince Bounine, Prince Paul anmd Anna

Prince Bounine, intent on exploiting the fortune and nostalgia of the Russian exiles, finds an amnesiac waif on the point of suicide.

Anastasia - Prince Bounine and Anna

She is carefully groomed for the part and makes a convincing impersonation but has to pass one final hurdle -

Anastasia -  Anna

that of meeting the still living Dowager Empress of Russia, the woman whos granddaughter she is claiming to be.

Anastasia - Boris Chernov, Prince Bounine, Varya, Prince Paul, Baroness Livenbaum and Dowager Empress

Anastasia was voted Best Production for 2015/2016 in our Exeter Drama Company in house awards.
Phoebe Guy also won Best Actress for her part as Anna in this play, and Ed Heeley as Prince Bounine won Best Actor.

Boris ChernovDoug Thomson
VaryaTara Studholme Lyons
Piotr PetrovinStephen Sadler
Prince BounineEd Heeley
SergeiAlistair Bibby
AnnaPhoebe Guy
Counsellor DrivinitzRobin Thwaytes
Sleigh DriverMalcolme Littler
CharwomanDi Phillips
Dr SerenskyDanny Dowling
Dowager EmpressDenise Gough
Baroness LivenbaumLynda Anning
Prince PaulEliot Vosper