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Exeter Drama Company

An Austentacious Christmas

Exeter Drama Company on tour - Upton Pyne Village Hall
25th November 2017

An Austentacious Christmas - Ruben and Stacey

An evening of all things Georgian in An Austentatious Christmas.

An Austentacious Christmas - Stacey and Rosie

A mix of comedy, poetry, sketches, jokes and a one act play, covering the world of Jane Austen, Blackadder, all the George’s (mad or otherwise) and Lord Byron.

An Austentacious Christmas - Ella and Doug

An Austentacious Christmas - Laura, Jess and Elizabeth

Doug Thomson, Stacey Collins, Malcolme Littler, Laura Hoad, Rosie Dryden, Elizabeth Jones, Jessica Goddard, Ella James, Robin Thwaytes, Jamie Rae, Lynda Anning and Ruben Emissah.