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Arms and the Man - October 2009

Arms and the Man - The Officer and Catherine Petkoff

Into the bedroom of Raina Petkoff creeps a Serbian soldier on the run.

Arms and the Man - Catherine Petkoff and Major Petkoff

Rather than give him over to the Bulgarians hunting him, she hides him from them with the help of her Mother and Maid.

Arms and the Man - Major Petkoff and Major Saranoff

When he visits their house as one of the winning side after the war, all is thrown into comic confusion as they struggle to keep their involvement from Raina’s father and fiancé, Major Saranoff.

Arms and the Man - Captain Bluntschli, Nicola, Louka, Raina and Major Petkoff

Catherine PetkoffDiana Phillips
Raina Petkoff, her daughter Jenny Nash
Louka, a MaidservantEmma Targett
Captain BluntschliDave Britton
Nicola, a manservantGraham Setter
The OfficerAlistair Bibby
Major PetkoffRobin Thwaytes
Major SaranoffRic Hutton