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Beautiful for Ever - February 1996

Beautiful for Ever, by Glyn Jones, is a story closely based on fact. Madame Rachel has outlived three husbands and in the past was very poor.

Beautiful for Ever - Madame Leverson and A Lady

She has now found a lucrative occupation making good use of the knowledge she got from one of her husbands who was a chemists assistant. She, helped by her daughter Leonte, makes up useless potions and elixirs, calls them romantic names, and sells them to women to remain 'beautiful for ever'.

Beautiful for Ever - Madame Leverson and Leonte Leverson

The weak, simpering Mrs Borradaile looks like a prize victim, and Madame uses all her ability to defraud her, causing her to become penniless and causing her to be imprisoned for debt. But at eventually she overreaches herself and in the conclusion of the play there is retribution for Madame.

Beautiful for Ever - Madame Leverson and Mrs Borrodaile

Madame Sarah Rachel Leverson     Denise Hill
Mrs Borrodaile     Yvonne Doney
Leonte Leverson     Tracey Monaghan
Sabine Pilley     Beverley Little
Miss Sutton     Jenny Trace
A Lady     Cara Denham
A Gentleman     Edward Heeley
Directed by     Pamela Hoad and Joanna Damerell