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Big Bad Mouse - May 1994

Big Bad Mouse, a light hearted farce, by Philip King and Falkland Cary is set in the offices of Chunkbix Ltd.

Big Bad Mouse - Mr Bloome, Mr Price-Hargraves and Harold Hopkins

Mr Price-Hargreaves gives the orders and timid, harrassed Mr Bloome obeys them. Until, that is, Mr Bloome is one day accused of chasing a young female person across Wandsworth Common making him the hero of every woman and girl in the office not least Miss Spencer.

Big Bad Mouse - Miss Spencer, Mr Bloome and Fiona Jones

So glorious is Bloome's transformation, in fact, that when the young person in question discovers she has made a mistake in her identification, Bloome determines to keep her quiet.

Big Bad Mouse - Fiona, Mr Bloome, Miss Spencer, Lady Chesapeake, Doris, Harold and Mr Price-Hargraves

Fiona Jones    Laura Hartley
Harold Hopkins           Edward Heeley
Miss Spencer     Jenny Trace
Mr Price-Hargraves Malcolme Littler
Mr Bloome    Terence Dale
Lady Chesapeake     Wendy Montgomery
Doris Povey     Janet Horner
Produced by     Pamela Hoad and Joanna Damerell