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Blithe Spirit - October 1994

Blithe Spirit, by Noel Coward, concerns Charles Condomine whose first wife has been dead for seven years and he is now married to Ruth.

Blithe Spirit - Charles & Ruth

Charles is an author, and as research for his new book he invites Madame Arcarti, a local medium, to conduct a seance at his home. Elvira, his first wife, returns from death, and she is visible and audible only to Charles, and makes life uncomfortable for him.

Blithe Spirit - Elvira

To try to get Charles to herself, Elvira tampers with the car in an effort to kill him. Ironically it is Ruth who drives the car and so is she who joins Elvira on the "other side." Charles is now haunted by two jealous spirits and asks Madame Arcarti to try and exorcize them, but it doesn't work. Eventually Charles bids his two ex wives farewell and leaves them tearing the house apart.

Blithe Spirit - Mrs Bradman, Ruth and Madame Arcati

Edith     Tracey Monaghan
Ruth    Jacqui Draycott
Charles    Ian Guy
Doctor Bradman     Chris Gale
Mrs Bradman     Pamela Slee
Madame Arcati     Denise Hill
Elvira     Pamela Hoad
Directed by    Wendy Montgomery and Jenny Trace