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Exeter Drama Company

Brush up your Shakespeare

Directed by Ian Guy
Performed 21st December 2012 at The Shed.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare  - Jack Langford and James Letten The Prologue Henry V

Another One Night Stand, in which we take on the Bard of Avon himself with Brush up your Shakespeare an evening compiled and directed by Ian Guy (with a little help from Mr Shakespeare!).

Brush Up Your Shakespeare  - Robin Thwaytes and Tara Studholme Lyons, The Play's the Thing

All the World’s a stage someone once said and, on our little bit of it, we performed extracts from the plays, gave some interesting facts, all with the usual mix of music and merriment.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare  - Charlotte Guy as Gertrude in 15 Minute Hamlet

Including a rendition of Hamlet by Tom Stoppard that had to be seen to be believed – as it’s accomplished in fifteen minutes flat!

Brush Up Your Shakespeare  - Tara Studholme Lyons, Roger Mathewson, Chloe Noel, Andy Pettitt, Lewis Hutchins, Simeon Costello, Jack Langford and James Letten in 15 Minute Hamlet

PrologueThe Players
Jacques. As you like itLewis Hutchins and Jack Langford
Forsooth, some merrimentJames Letten, Simeon Costello and Lewis Hutchins
Shakespeare TriviaCharlotte Guy, Andrew J Pettitt, James Letten and Jack Langford
Lady Percy - Henry IV (Part I)Charlotte Guy
Line by LineRobin Thwaytes, Andrew J Pettitt, Chloe Noel and James Letten
Katherine of Aragon - Henry VIIIChloe Noel
More Shakespeare TriviaRoger Mathewson, Lewis Hutchins and James Letten
Romeo. Romeo and JulietJames Letten
The Play's The ThingRobin Thwaytes, Tara Studholme Lyons, Abigail Norton
Richard Duke of Gloucester - Richard IIIRoger Mathewson
Shakespeare for Cows!Simeon Costello, Robin Thwaytes and Tara Studholme Lyons
The Body Count!The Players
Brush up your ShakespeareThe Players
Mark Anthony - Julius CaesarRoger Mathewson
Verily, some limericksCharlotte Guy, James Letten, Robin Thwaytes, Andrew J Pettitt and Tara Studholme Lyons
Henry V - Henry VJack Langford
So who really wrote Shakespeare?Simeon Costello, Tara Studholme Lyons, Robin Thwaytes and Charlotte Guy
The Witches! Macb...The Scottish PlayAbigail Norton, Chloe Noel and Charlotte Guy
Verily, more sillinessRoger Mathewson, Robin Thwaytes and Jack Langford
Puck - Midsummer Night's DreamLewis Hutchins
Oberon - Midsummer Night's DreamAndrew J Pettitt
Yet More Shakespeare TriviaRoger Mathewson, Tara Studholme Lyons and Charlotte Guy
Kate - The Taming of the ShrewAbigail Norton
Shakespeare QuizAbigail Norton, Chloe Noel, Jack Langford and Lewis Hutchins
Fifteen Minute Hamlet by Tom StoppardBrian Lawless, Andrew J Pettitt, Simeon Costello, Charlotte Guy
Tara Studholme Lyons, James Letten, Abigail Norton, Chloe Noel, Jack Langford,
Lewis Hutchins and Robin Thwaytes