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"What the Butler Saw" by Joe Orton directed by Nicky Crew

What the Butler Saw - Dr Prentice and Geraldine Barclay

The Prentices are not an ordinary couple by any means. Dr Prentice is a psychiatrist with his own hospital who believes that the best way to interview a girl for a job is to seduce her.

What the Butler Saw - Nicholas Beckett and Geraldine Barclay

Geraldine does her best to comply, but nothing is going to work smoothly in this hospital. Mrs Prentice, who has seduced a page boy in a hotel, brings him home with her, just at the moment when a state inspector decides to pay a visit.

What the Butler Saw - Seareant Match, Nicholas Beckett, Mrs Prentice and Dr Prentice

What ensues is a mild melee of disappearances, disguises and discoveries  as husband and wife try to hide their prizes from one another and the state inspector. Even a wound up policeman gets giddy from the goings-on!

What the Butler Saw - Dr Rance, Mrs Prentice, Geraldine Barclay, Nicholas Beckett and Dr Prentice

Dr PrenticeRoger Mathewson
Geraldine BarclayHelen Evans
Mrs PrenticeDenise Gough
Nicholas BeckettDave Britton
Dr RanceMalcolme Littler
Sergeant Match David Gough