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The Camel's Back - June 1989

The Camel's Back, by Arnold Helsby, takes place in the living room of the Hanacott farmhouse.

The Camel's Back - Samuel Meacock and Prudence Hannacott

A production of an amateur play leads to problems on the farm - including some sexual frissons!

The Camel's Back - Prudence, Tilda, Mrs Middleton-Jones, Miss Loveday, Faith, Robert and Ned

Prudence HannacottJenny Trace
Tilda HannacottJudy Carnall
Faith HanacottTracey Monaghan
Robert SladenAndy Biddiscombe
Ned RuddleJohn Marshall
Miss LovedayJanet Horner
Mrs Middleton-JonesJoan Miller
Samuel MeacockMalcolme Littler
CicelyLois Jones
AmbulancemanNigel Guy and Robin Hoad
Produced byBob Usher