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Can't Pay Won't Pay - Febuary 2010

Can't Pay? Won't Pay!- Margarita and Antonio

This is a farce that freefalls towards lunacy as the characters become hopelessly entangled in their own deceptions.

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! - Margarita, Antonio and The Inspector

What starts out as a couple of bags of stolen shopping ends in pregnancies, hunchbacks and a mad appearance of the Pope on the balcony. As housewives, feisty Antonia and the hapless Margherita go to ever more elaborate lengths to conceal from their husbands the spoils of the mass protest against rising prices Giovanni and Luigi face unemployment and political crisis.

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! - Giovanni, Luigi and The Inspector

Add to the mix a final character playing multiple roles and you have something that is simply glorious!

AntoniaDenise Gough
Margherita Sarah Newell
GiovanniIan Guy
The InspectorMalcolme Littler
LuigiJulian Davey