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Charley's Aunt - October 1995

Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas revolves around two young men who hope to court two women in their college rooms. As the young men need to be accompanied by a chaperone - they arrange for one of their friends to be in disguise as their Aunt from Brazil. Then when the real aunt unexpectedly turns up, chaos ensues.

Charley's Aunt - Ela, Donna and Sir Francis

Jack Chesney Simon Greely
Brassett Adam Simmons
Charles Wykeham Shaun Nethercott
Lord Fancourt Babberly Oliver Hale
Kitty Spetigue Tracey Monaghan
Amy Verdun Cara Denham
Sir Francis Chesney Edward Heeley
Stephen Spetigue John Marshall
Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez Pamela Hoad
Ela Delahey Rhoda Hooper
Directed by Frances Guy