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Chewdur Histree
Incorporating The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer.
Directed by Ian Guy.

28th June 2019, at Cornerstone.

The first half of the show will follow our usual mix of poems, readings, (very bad) jokes, slightly dubious histories of assorted monarchs and general silliness.

Act II will be a learnt and rehearsed performance of The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer.

Six modern women, all in their turn married to the same Henry, share their experiences.

Marriage, love affairs, betrayal and a shared loathing of all things ginger are all portrayed with humour, pathos and a great deal of wine in one of the great houses where they all once lived.

This gritty and often brutal drama highlights how men sometimes treat women and, for some, may not make easy viewing.

CathyKaitlin Nixson
AnnieCharlotte Guy
JaneCarrie Neilson
AnnaEllie Lynas
KatieElla James
KatherineBriony Vallis

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