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Cinderella - December 1991

This version of the favourite pantomime Cinderella was written and produced by a member of our own company.

Cinderella - Full Cast

Cinderella is prevented from going to the Ball by her ugly step-sisters. However, her fairy godmother helps her, and she meets the handsome Prince Charmimg who moves heaven and earth (well, he uses a glass slipper) to find her again.

Cinderella - Fairy Godmother

Prince Charming Emma Funnell
Dandini Pamela Hoad
Cinderella Joanna Damerell
Griselda Malcolme Littler
Amaryllis Richard Holladay
Baron Hardup Ian Guy
Buttons Terence Dale
Fairy Godmother Diana Phillips
The King David Frumin
The Queen Lynda Jewell
The Duchess of Effingham Ruth Black
The Hon Celia Bev Little
M.C. Tony Heath
The Spider David Frumin
Bowmen Tony Heath and David Frumin
Fairies Alison Newberry and Eloise Dale
Chorus Bev Little, Lynda Jewell, Ruth Black,
David Frumin, Tony Heath, Pam Rickard,
Pam Slee, Ruth Gooding,
Heidi Dale and Kathy Vail.
Orchestra Karen Vail, Frances Guy, Joanna Thomas and Heidi Dale
Written and Directed by John Marshall assisted by Mike Cannings and Jenny Trace