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Coming to Terms - March 1999

Coming to Terms was written and directed by Terence Dale.

Coming to Terms - Bill and Henry

Bill and Ros Board invite Ros' old school friend and her boyfriend to dinner. When they were at school together Joan was overweight. However, she is now slim and glamorous, and this leads Ros and Bill to question their lives.

Coming to Terms - Bill and Ros

This comedy was before its time; many people are now contacting old friends via Friends Reunited with interesting results! Meanwhile, Lady Booby, scheming to ensure that the marriage of the young couple never occurs, has Fanny framed and arrested for robbery.

Coming to Terms - Ros and Bill, Joan and Henry

Bill Board     Terence Dale
Ros Board     Lynda Anning
Joan Adams     Di Smith
Henry     Martin Nelson
Written and Directed by Terence Dale