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The Creature Creeps - March 1990

The Creature Creeps, by Jack Sharkey, is a comedy based in the Carpathian mountains in turn-of-the-century Transylvania. A mad scientist and his humpback assistant try to make the perfect creature.

Creature Creeps - Babsy Ballou and Daisy Von Blitzen

This hilarious send-up of the horror-story genre has an ancient castle, a mad scientist, his misshapen assistant, a secret laboratory, scary screams from the depths of the cellar, disappearing villagers, a stupid hero of rock solid character, and the scientist's dopey daughter.

Creature Creeps - Donald and Maritza Von Blitzen

Donald Von Blitzen Gary Beck
Gretchen Twitchill   Jenny Trace
Heinrich Shtunken   John Rickard
Mord   John Dean
Daisy Von Blitzen   Jo Witts
Frank Sterling   Nigel Guy
Babsy Ballou   Tracey Monaghan
Maritza Von Blitzen   Diana Phillips
Hans Shtunken   John Rickard
Hannah Zitzen   Ruth Gooding
Fritz Shtunken   John Rickard
Freda Zitzen   Linda Holladay
Otto Shtunken   John Rickard
Olga Zitzen   Pam Rickard
Heidi Zitzen   Lynda Jewell
The Creature   ??????????
Produced by   Ian Guy