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Crown Matrimonial

By Royce Ryton
Directed by Ian Guy
Was performed 16th - 20th September 2014 at The Shed.

Crown Matrimonial - King Edward VIII

Set entirely in Marlborough House, the home of Queen Mary,

Crown Matrimonial - HRH The Princess Royal and HRH the Duchess of Gloucester

the play focuses on the private family drama of Edward VIII and the Royal Family leading up to the abdication crisis of December 1936.

Crown Matrimonial - Queen Mary

This powerful drama is both fascinating and moving and, when you strip away the palaces, crowns and titles, is nothing more than a family tearing itself to pieces as it struggles with love, honour and duty.

Diana Phillips won Best Actress for her part as Queen Mary in our in house awards 2014 - 2015.

Crown Matrimonial - HRH the Duke of York and HRH the Duchess of York

Crown Matrimonial - The Countess of Airlie and Hon Margaret Wyndham

Mabell, Countess of AirlieSue Lapka
Queen MaryDiana Phillips
The Hon Margaret WyndhamAlice Purcell
John, Queen's PageRhys Denton
King Edward VIII (David)Edward Heeley
The Princess Royal (Mary)Helen Evans
The Duchess of Gloucester (Alice)Jade Heale
Walter Monckton, K.C.Doug Thomson
The Duchess of York (Elizabeth)Chloe Gray
The Duke of York (Bertie)Samuel Clark