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Dandy Dick

By Sir A W Pinero

Directed by Frances Guy
Performed 18th - 22nd March 2014 at The Shed.

Dandy Dick - Sheba and Mr Darbey

Dandy Dick tells the hilarious story of the Very Reverend Augustin Jedd, a pillar of Victorian respectability, who preaches regularly against the evils of the Turf.

Dandy Dick - Georgiana, Sir Tristram and Hatcham

But a visit from his tearaway sister, herself an habitual gambler, leads him to risk all at the races, much against his better judgement.

Dandy Dick - Noah and Hannah

Mayhem ensues, with romantic intrigue, mistaken identity and runaway horses!

Dandy Dick - The Very Rev Augustin Jedd

Dandy Dick won Best Play in our in-house awards for our 2013-14 season. Robin Thwaytes also won best actor for his part as the Very Rev Augustin Jedd, and Jacqui Draycott Best Actress for her part as Georgiana Tidman.

Salome JeddCharlotte Guy
Sheba JeddPhoebe Guy
BloreRoger Mathewson
Major TarverRic Hutton
Mr DarbeyRhys Denton
The Very Rev Augustin Jedd, D.D.Robin Thwaytes
Georgiana TidmanJacqui Draycott
Sir Tristram Mardon, BartIan Guy
HatchamJack Langford
Hannah ToppingRebecca Wright
Noah ToppingBrian Lawless