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Death in a Most Peculiar Manor - March 2008

At Shottover Park itís the eve of the glorious twelfth and Sir Edwin is preparing for the first shoot of the season. With a house full of guests and staff, all with a secret, and all finding an excuse to visit the gun room thereís bound to be trouble!

Death in a Most Peculiar Manor - Todd Weinstein and Inspector Wilby

When a shot is heard and a body is found is it murder or suicide? And is the death linked in any way to the person attempting to make off with the family tiara? Will Sir Edwinísí memoirs reveal more about the family than some would like and what is the film companies real interest in the house?

Death in a Most Peculiar Manor - Victoria and Albert

Inspector Wilby certainly has his work cut out for him.

Written and directed by our own Roger Mathewson, this was our last production at our theatre on Stepcote Hill.

Death in a Most Peculiar Manor - Belpull, Launcelot teagle-Bland, Diana Parsmint, Inspector Wilby, Lady Wilhemina teagle-Bland, Todd Weinstein, Albert and Victoria

Lady Wilhemina teagle-BlandDenise Gough
Sir Edwin teagle-Bland Robin Thwaytes
Launcelot teagle-Bland, their sonMatt Semple
Belpull, the ButlerTony Golding
Todd Weinstein, a Film ProducerMatt Blackhurst
Diana ParsmintMargaret Heeley
Inspector WilbyDoug Thomson
Victoria, the maidBeth Seaton-Smith
Albert, the footmanDave Britton
Foxton, the Gamekeeper Ian Guy