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Dracula - June 2008

Lucy Seward, daughter of the physician in charge of a sanatorium near London, is mysteriously anaemic.

Dracula - Jonathon Harker and Lucy Seward

Dr Van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases, suspects a vampire which, according to legend, is an ugly soul that, grave bound by day, roams the earth at night, and sustains its earthly life by sucking the blood of approachable victims.

Dracula - Renfield and Dr Seward

Van Helsing, unmasking Count Dracula as such a vampire enlists the help of Dr Seward and young Jonathan Harker and they seek to destroy the monster.

Dramatisation by Hamilton Deane and John L Balderstone based on the novel by Bram Stoker

Dracula - Count Dracula and Lucy Seward

Miss WellsSarah Newell
Jonathan Harker Aidan Crook
Dr SewardRoger Mathewson
Van HelsingDenise Gough
RenfieldDoug Thomson
ButterworthEdward Heeley
Lucy SewardRachel Hall
Count DraculaJulian Davey