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The Grand Old Duke of York - December 1997

The Grand Old Dule of York is a pantomime by Norman Robbins based on the famous nursery rhyme.

Grand Old Duke of York - The Grand Old Duke and Maleficent

In typical pantomime style, a gypsy boy, Ruben meets and falls in love with Melody, the ward of the nervous worrier the Grand Old Duke.

Grand Old Duke of York - Melody and Ruben

Many forces are at work to prevent their marraige, including Baron Snatcher and his henchmen Pye and Peas.

Grand Old Duke of York - Baron Snatcher, Peas and Pye

Baron Snatcher Anthony Aaben
Martha Muffett Di Smith
Jack & Jill, City Water Carriers Gemma Waugh & Jenny Anning
Ruben Martin Nelson
Mother Shipton Pamela Hoad
Tommy Tucker Andy Smith
Pye & Peas Tracey Monaghan & Kate Phimister
Melody Margaret Addison
The Grand Old Duke of York Roger Mathewson
Maleficent Jenny Trace
The Guardian of the CaveTom Anning
Citizens, Soldiers, Gypsies and Courtiers Laurence Dale, Laura Hoad, Meg Henkus,
Ian, Frances, Charlotte and Phoebe Guy,
and Tom Anning.
Directed by Denise Hill and Wendy Montgomery