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Family Planning by Frank Vickery

Directed by Ric Hutton
Was performed 19th - 23rd June 2012 at The Shed.

Family Planning - Bobby, Maisie and Idris

Gran, permanently bedridden, knows all and sees all, and helps to pave the way for her announcement.

Family Planning - Gran and Tracey

Unfortunately, Idris, overhearing Tracey and Elsie, jumps to the wrong conclusion with hilarious consequences.

Family Planning - Idris, Elsie, Tracey, Bobby and Maisie

Family Planning won Best Play in our in-house awards for our 2012-13 season. Roger Mathewson also won best actor for his part as Idris, and Di Phillips Best Actress for her part as Gran.

ElsieDenise Gough
TraceyPhoebe Guy
GranDiana Phillips
Maisie MillardJacqui Draycott
JeffreyJoseph Shannon
IdrisRoger Mathewson
BobbySimeon Costello