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Flare Path - June 1995

In Terence Rattigan's famous play, Flare Path, Patricia's is in love with a film actor, despite the fact she is married to Flight-Lieutenant Teddy Graham.

Flare Path - Peter Kyle and Countess Skriczevinsky

She goes to a hotel in Milchester planning to break up with Teddy, and is followed by Peter.

Flare Path - Countess Skricevinsky, Peter Kyle, Flight Lieutenant Graham and Sergeant Miller

Pat comes across Doris, who is married to one of two pilots not to return from a bombing raid. In talking with her, Pat realises how much her Teddy needs her, and ends her liason with Peter.

Flare Path - Count and Countess Skricevinsky

Countess Skricevinsky Jenny Trace
Peter Kyle Alan Smith
Mrs Oakes Lynda Jewell
Sergeant Miller Chris Gale
Percy Paul Slee
Count Skricevinsky Ian Guy
Flight Lieutenant Graham Edward Heeley
Patricia Graham Pamela Hoad
Mrs Miller Beverley Little
Squadron Leader Swanson Malcolme Littler
Directed by Denise Hill