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Exeter Drama Company

Food Glorious Food
Directed by Ian Guy
was performed 8th July 2010

A Glorious one night stand to celebrate food.

A selection of readings, sketches, monologues and sillies all about one of our favourite things.

A Piece of cake

A Ladies Life by Karen TristDenise Gough
Feeding the Five by Mrs Evelyn CavendishCharlotte Guy
Shakespeare's SoupJenny Nash, Karen Trist and Denise Gough
Pam Ayres poemsRoger Mathewson, Denise Gough, Stacey Collins and Di Phillips
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. LewisJenny Nash
Two PoemsDoug Thomson and Di Phillips
The Diet by AnonStacey Collins
Oliver Twist an extractDoug Thomson
Fishing for Compliments by Evelyn CavendishCharlotte Guy
A Piece of cakeKaren Trist, Stacey Collins and Jenny Nash
Two poemsCharlotte Guy and Denise Gough
Quiz the Minister by Evelyn CavendishDoug Thomson and Charlotte Guy
Pudding by Mrs CavendishCharlotte Guy
The Turkey poem by AnonDi Phillips
The Small Pleasures of Life - an extractKaren Trist
A new Bride Cooks by AnonJenny Nash
Three PoemsDoug Thomson, Roger Mathewson and Karen Trist
Dinner for One by Lauri WylieRoger Mathewson and Di Phillips