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Frankenstein - February 1995

Frankenstein, by Tim Kelly, is based on the classic book by Mary Shelley.

Frankenstein - The Creature

Victor Frankenstein, is a brilliant young scientist, who has returned to his Swiss chateau to escape a terrible pursuer. He will tell no-one the dark secret that terrifies him: not his mother, his fiancée, nor his best friend.

Frankenstein - Justine, Victor, Henry, The Creature, Inspector Ernst, Elizabeth, Frau Frankenstein and Sophie

All pleading falls on deaf ears, for Victor has brought into being an unimaginable creature made from pieces of the dead. The creature tracks Victor to his sanctuary, demanding a bride to relieve his loneliness.

Ernst     Malcolme Littler
Sophie    Joanna Damerell
Victor Frankenstein    Oliver Hale
Elizabeth     Cara Denham
Henry Clerval    Edward Heeley
Frau Frankenstein                         Wendy Montgomery
The Creature     Nigel Guy
Justine     Tracey Monaghan
Directed by    Ian Guy