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Exeter Drama Company

Great Expectations

Directed by Pam Hoad
Was performed 8th - 12th December 2015 at The Shed.

Great Expectations - Mrs Gargery, Joe and Young Pip

This version of Great Expectations brings to life all the vivid characters of the original book and conveys the story with great clarity, atmosphere and theatrical flair.

Great Expectations - Young Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham

Villainous Magwitch, decaying Miss Havisham and the brittle and spiteful Estella join the Gargery’s and Uncle Pumblechook.

Great Expectations - Pip and Miss Havisham

Along with with Pip and Herbert as they journey through 19th Century Victorian England experiencing all the sights and sounds of the age.

Great Expectations - Miss Havisham

Heat up your chestnuts, ignore the child with rickets next to you and settle in for a good read!

Great Expectations - Pip, Aged P and Wemmick

Herbert PocketDanny Dowling
PipJonny Robinson
EstellaHayley Foss
Joe GargeryJahgo Williams
Young PipJake Lee
MagwitchBrian Lawless
Mrs JoeTara Studholme Lyons
Uncle PumblechookIan Guy
Young EstellaBronwen Stewart
JaggersEd Heeley
Miss HavishamJulia Morgan
BiddyRebecca Wright
WemmickRichard O'Donnell
MollyBriony Vallis
Aged ParentRichard Ware