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Harvey 1967

In Harvey, by Mary Chase, Elwood P. Dowd is a friendly barfly whose kindness spills over into the lives of all around him as he tries to help those in need. Elwood staggers home one night to find a six-foot rabbit named Harvey leaning against a lamppost. This invisible friend follows him everywhere, much to the chagrin of Elwood's social-climbing family, who commit him to a sanatorium.

We do not have a cast list for this production, but thanks to a review in the Express and Echo we know that Elwood was played by James Montgomery, Verity Dummelow played his sister, Susan Jewell his niece, Leslie Robinson was Dr Chumley and Sandra Barrick the receptionist. Also in the cast were David Gutherie, Jim Freer, Bob Lapworth, Penny Webb, Joy Mitchell, June Godwin and Leslie Hancocks. And Richard Fairbairn and Royston Palmer "designed a clever scene change system for the Dowd residence and sanatorium sets using reversible flaps"!

Harvey - Express and Echo picture

Produced by Joy Spear.