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Off the Hook - September 2003

Harold Spooks has been sprung from prison to tell the gang where in the country hotel they've taken him to he has stashed the loot.

Off the Hook -Mrs Fletcher-Brewer, Major Catchpole, Charlie Mullins and Carol Fletcher-Brewer

Unfortunately, Harold is a bit of a twit who is likely to give the game away at any moment so Charlie and Fred, who have meticulously planned this operation, have endless difficulties organizing rooms and trying to convince the rest of the hotel that they're really there for the fishing!

Off the Hook - Harold Spook and Charlie Mullins

Add to their problems Norah, the man-eating manageress, Edna, continually interrupting their frenzied plotting and the redoubtable Mrs Fletcher-Brewer and you have a fast moving, hysterical farce that will leave you in stitches!

Off the Hook - Mrs Fletcher-Brewer, Charlie Mullins, Fred Baxter and Carol Fletcher-Brewer

Norah Catchpole Pamela Hoad
Edna, her sister Jenny Trace
Fred Baxter Doug Thomson
Major Catchpole Ian Guy
Charlie Mullins Edward Heeley
Harold Spook Carl McAdam
Mrs Fletcher-Brewer Marina Williamson
Carol Fletcher-Brewer  Christine Davey
Polly Parkinson Rachel Brown
Mr Parkinson Mike Titcombe
Behind the scenes David Gough, Stephanie Gray,
Margaret Heeley, Charlotte Dawson,
Graeme Gallin, Charlie Whitton,
Malcolme Littler, Lynda Anning
and Diana Phillips.
Directed by Malcolme Littler