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The Exeter Drama Company's Impossibly Pointless Countdown to Christmas Quiz

Curated by Denise Gough

20th December 2019, at Cornerstone.

At Christmas, take some time to stop shopping, wrapping and stuffing and join in an hilariously chaotic Christmas Quiz.

Female contestants Male contestants

We shamelessly imitated your favourite TV quizzes, both past and present.

Two teams competed for your entertainment and there were several rounds where you the audience joined in and won spectacular prizes*.

"Super, smashing, lovely." - Jim Bowen*

"Best Amateur Drama Company by a country mile and by country we mean a sovereign state that's a member of the UN in it's own right." - Richard Osman*

"You're my favourite." - Bruce Forsyth*

* Allegedly (Would We Lie to You?)

Contestants: Jacqui Draycott, Ed Heeley, Helen Evans, Tim Harlow, Robin Thwaytes and Briony Vallis