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An Inspector Calls - September 2008

An Inspector Calls - Eric Birling, Gerald Croft, Arthur Birling and Edna the maid

The Birling family are spending a happy evening celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft - a marriage that will result in the merging of two successful local businesses.

An Inspector Calls - Sheila,  Arthur and Sybil Birling and Inspector Goole

The questions he asks the prosperous Birling family relating to the case reveal that they all have secrets linking them to the tragedy and his startling revelations shatter the very foundations of their lives.

An Inspector Calls - Sybil Birling, Gerald Croft and Arthur Birling

Arthur BirlingIan Guy
Sybil Birling, his wife Marie York
Sheila Birling, his daughterEmily Carter
Eric Birling, his sonTobias Ashton
Edna the maidDiana Phillips
Gerald CroftJason Salmon
Inspector GooleDaniel Goad