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Spend And Raise - Exeter Drama Company

Exeter Drama Company

Jane Eyre

Adapted for the stage by Charles Vance from the book by Charlotte Bronte.

Directed by Jenny Nash
Was performed September 17th - 21st 2013 at The Shed.

Jane Eyre - Adele Varens and Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre accepts a position as a governess to a ward at Thornfield Hall,

Jane Eyre - Edward Rochester, Richard Mason and Jane Eyre

and wins the love of her dark and impassioned employer, Edward Rochester.

Jane Eyre - Edward Rochester and Jane Eyre

But soon Jane's love, strength and determination are tested as Rochester's long-kept secrets are unveiled.

Jane Eyre - Rev Wood and Edward Rochester

Adele VarensElla James
Leah, a parlour maidTara Studholme Lyons
Mrs FairfaxFrances Guy
Mrs PooleMeg Henkus
Jane EyreLaura Hoad
John, a footmanIan Guy
Edward RochesterEdward Heeley
Blanche IngramHelen Evans
Richard MasonDoug Thomson
Rev WoodRoger Mathewson
Bertha MasonCharlotte Guy