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Key to Murder - July 2009

A television production is in preparation, to feature the well-known star Maggy Fairchild.

Key to Murder - Mrs Dacre and Maggy Fairchld

At a gathering in her flat of leading personalities in the project - producer, writer, actors - hidden tensions are apparent under the smoothly sophisticated surface.

Peter Clinton, Robert Mallin and Eva Mallin

A spare key to the flat disappears, and later that night, when Maggy returns to the supposedly empty flat after a meeting with her estranged husband, an intruder, in disguise, attacks her.

Key to Murder - Maggy Fairchild and Ed Ryde

Mrs DacreKaren Trist
Robert Mallin Edward Heeley
Maggy FairchildEmily Carter
Peter ClintonRoger Mathewson
Eva MallinShona McGill
George LawrenceRichard Ware
Ed RydeDan Goad