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Exeter Drama Company

The Law is an Ass

Directed by Ian Guy
Will be performed 28th June 2012 at The Shed.

We tackle all things legal with our One Night Stand, The Law is an Ass.

Law is an Ass - Brian and Charlotte

We’ll be offering up, as evidence, the usual suspects of poems, startling true facts, a sketch or two and some truly groan worthy funnies.

Law is an Ass - Malcolme, Jennie and Charlotte

Hopefully it will prove to be an arresting evening for all!

Law is an Ass - Malcolme, Brian, Jennie and Charlotte

Opening SubmissionMalcolme Littler
They Do Not UnderstandRobin Thwaytes
The Rain ir RainethJennie Anderson
Consultation FeesBrian Lawless
Brain by the OunceJames Letten
Stamp Down on CrimeCharlotte Guy and Jennie Anderson
Long Black Veil, a SongBrian Lawless
Her ConclusionMalcolme Littler
ABC for LawyersRobin Thwaytes
Is Mr Smith there?Charlotte Guy and Jennie Anderson
The Bronze StatueRobin Thwaytes
Is this a Court or a Zoo?Ensemble
In CourtJames Lettern and Malcolme Littler
The GenieCharlotte Guy
I am the OfficerJames Letten
Lawyers MonologueBrian Lawless
The Parliamentary DraughtsmanMalcolme Littler
Lab Rats and SpaceCharlotte Guy and James Letten
In a Milton Keynes CourtJennie Anderson, Robin Thwaytes and Malcolme Littler
He's in the Jailhouse now, a songBrian Lawless
The Lady on the PlaneJames Letten
The Hat that I WearJennie Anderson
He didn't make no hollerRobin Thwaytes
The Lady Chatterly AffairMalcolme Littler and Brian Lawless
The Mad English LawsEnsemble
A Legal LimerickBrian Lawless
Help WantedCharlotte Guy
The Salem WitchesEnsemble