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"The Maids of Milton Keynes (or Virtue Triumphant)" by James Muirden directed by Ian Guy

The Maids of Milton Keynes - George and Catastrophe

The setting is Georgian England where Prudence gets her thrills from reading gothic novels and Catastrophe is committed to female emancipation.

The Maids of Milton Keynes - Mr Higgins and Mr Fairweather

What hope for either lady as both are in for shock and upset when long lost relations return, initially unwanted suitors are thwarted and shipwrecks and sword fights conspire to keep families and loved ones apart.

The Maids of Milton Keynes - Prudence, the maid, and Edward

A motley collection of Mariners, Monastics, Nobles and commoners alike combine to make this a fast paced comic romp through the Buckinghamshire countryside.

The Maids of Milton Keynes - Yokels

The Maids of Milton Keynes - Yokel, Gilbert, Maid and Mrs Higgins

PrologueMeg Henkus
GilbertAaron Wilson
Mr HigginsRobin Thwaytes
MaidStacey Collins
CatastropheCharlotte Guy
Prudence Emma Targett
EdwardKirt Ware
GeorgeRic Hutton
Mr FairweatherGraham Setter
Earl of BasingstokeTony Carter
Mrs HigginsLynda Anning
Servant James Cotter
FriarJoseph Shannon
YokelsMargaret Bond, Di Phillips,
Joe Shannon, James Cotter, Alistair Bibby