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I'll Get My Man 1973

I'll Get My Man, by Philip King, is set in a Vicarage in the village of Stebbington- Fawley. Arthur Humphrey is a mild mannered Vicar who decides to advertise for a wife to escape his domineering sister. Unfortunately he forgets to use the word "marraige" in the advert, and he ends up with sackloads of replies. To add to the confusion, his nephew, a famous television hero, descends on the Vicarage to seek refuge. To cap it all, the dignified Bishop of Lax decides to visit.

The Rev Arthur Humphrey     Keith Spencer
Mrs Carter     Fay Burgoyne
Hariette Humphrey     Joy Hanocks
Winifred Barrington-Locke     Gwen West
Peter Graham    James Montgomery
A Photographer     Janet Seatherton
Josephine De Brissac    Jill Fairbairn
Patsi Potter    Judy Collard
The Bishop of Lax     Leslie Hancocks
Directed by     Wendy Montgomery