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I'll Get My Man - September 1997

I'll Get My Man, by Philip King, is set in a Vicarage in the village of Stebbington- Fawley.

I'll Get My Man - The Rev Arthur Humphrey and Peter Graham

Arthur Humphrey is a mild mannered Vicar who decides to advertise for a wife to escape his domineering sister. Unfortunately he forgets to use the word "marraige" in the advert, and he ends up with sackloads of replies.

I'll Get My Man - Peter Graham and Mrs Carter

To add to the confusion, his nephew, a famous television hero, descends on the Vicarage to seek refuge. To cap it all, the dignified Bishop of Lax decides to visit.

I'll Get My Man - Harriette Humphrey, The Bishop and Winifred Barrington-Locke

The Rev Arthur HumphreyMalcolme Littler
Mrs Carter Jenny Trace
Hariette Humphrey Lynda Anning
Winifred Barrington Locke Frances Guy
Peter Graham Terence Dale
A Photographer Paul Anning
Josephine De BrissacDenise Hill
Patsi Potter Laura Hartley
The Bishop of Lax Andrew Smith
Directed by Pamela Hoad and
Joanna Damerell