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Midsummer Mink - June 1990

Brigadier Rayne doesn't have much financial success from his charity concerns until Nan is passed a mink coat by a crook on the run. Soon they are running a well organised receiving system for stolen furs, giving all their profits to charity. Eventually, with the house full of furs and a police inspector making inquiries, they decide its time to retire - temporarily.

Midsummer Mink - Brigadier Rayne, Miss Hatfield, Miss Parry and Lady Miller

Brigadier Albert Rayne   John Marshall
Alice, Lady Miller   Wendy Montgomery
Miss Nanette Parry   Judy Carnall
Miss Elizabeth Hatfield   Janet Horner
Dame Beatrice Appleby   Bev Little
Lily Thompson   racey Monaghan
Ted   Andy Biddiscombe
Michael Hogan   Bob Usher
Chris   Richard Holladay
Madame Chambert   Pamela Slee
Detective Inspector WilsonFrances Guy
Produced by   Joan Miller