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A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Ian Guy and Alice Purcell
24th - 27th June 2015 at The Shed

Midsumer Night's Dream - Flute, Quince, Snout, Snug and Starveling

Theseus is preparing for his marriage and has commissioned a play.

Midsumer Night's Dream - Cobweb, Titania, Mustardseed and Peaseblossom

Lysander loves Hermia, as does Demetrius, but hes being pursued by Helena.

Midsumer Night's Dream - Titania and Bottom

The King and Queen of the Fairies are in the middle of a spat and the men of Athens are trying to rehearse their play. Puck sprinkles his fairy dust, causing confusion and fisticuffs, but all is resolved at the end.

Midsumer Night's Dream - Oberon and Puck

With music, song, dance and the odd surprise Exeter Drama Company put their own slant on the Bard!

Midsumer Night's Dream - Demetrius, Helena, Hippolyta, Dame Egeus, Duke Theseus, Hermia and Lysander

A Midsummer Night's Dream won Best Play in our in house awards for the 2014 - 2015 season, with Jake Lee winning Best Actor for playing Puck.

Hippolyta, Queen of the AmazonsNatalie Sluggett
Theseus, Duke of AthensDoug Thomson
Philostrata, Mistress of the RevelsAbi Norton
Dame Egeus, Mother to HermiaStacey Collins
Hermia, in love with LysanderPhoebe Guy
Lysander, in love with HermiaJordan Bright
Demetrius, in love with HermiaDanny Dowling
Helena, in love with DemetriusAlice Blazer
Quince, a carpenter Robin Thwaytes
Bottom, a weaverJahgo Williams
Flute, a bellows-menderTyler McCarthy
Starveling, a tailorLeo Harding
Mistress Snout, a tinkerSarah Newell
Snug, a joinerChloe Gray
Puck, head fairy to OberonJake Lee
Cobweb, a fairyBronwen Stewart
Peaseblossom, a fairyAbby Davies
Mustardseed, a fairyElla James
Oberon, King of the FairiesBarnaby Stone
Titania, Queen of the FairiesCharlotte Guy