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Miss Mabel

by R.C. Sherriff
Directed by Malcolme Littler
Was performed 9th - 13th June 2015 at The Shed.

Identical twin sisters. Identical only in looks.

Miss Mabel - Peter, Watkins, The Lawyer, Rev Wilson, Mrs Wilson and Mary

Miss Mabel is caring and compassionate, beloved by all who know her but her sister, Mrs Fletcher, is mean and shrewish and is universally disliked.

Miss Mabel - Rev Wilson, Miss Mabel, Peter and The Doctor

Imagine then the surprise and amazement felt by the beneficiaries attending the late Mrs Fletcher's will reading who are overwhelmed by her unexpected generosity. Could they have been wrong?

Miss Mabel - The Lawyer and the Maid

Have they all misjudged the old lady? Village life is never what it seems it would appear….

Miss Mabel - Miss Mabel

The MaidBecky Wright
MaryAnna Platten
PeterDave Britton
WatkinsGraham Setter
The LawyerRic Hutton
The DoctorRoger Mathewson
Rev WilsonBrian Lawless
Mrs WilsonClarissa Place
Miss MabelDenise Gough
The Police Inspector Richard Ware