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Murder at Deem House - June 1991

In this play by Sam Bate, two nurses, Iver and Boone, inherit 100,000 - left to them after years of looking after old Mrs Deeming. Everyone had expected they would only be getting 500 - it appears that something sinister is going on.

Murder at Deem House - Rhona Iver, John Dudley and Flora

When the lawyer of the deceased asks Nurse Boone for a signature, he is later shot dead. But it could have been his wife who shot him, as she had just discovered him kissing his secretary. Helped by servant Flora, Superintendent Forrest sifts the clues.

Flora Ruth Beer
John Dudley Gary Beck
Rhona Iver Lynda Holladay
Denise Talbot Tracey Monaghan
Sylvia Dudley Janet Horner
Gladys Boone Wendy Montgomery
Superintendent ForrestIan Guy
Doctor Knowles Mike Cannings
Det Sgt Grey Terence Dale
Judy Donlan Emma Funnell
Produced by John Dean and Bev Little