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Murder by the Book - December 1999

Murder by the book, by Duncan Greenwood and Robert King is set in London.

Murder by the Book - Imogen and Selwyn Piper

TSelwyn Piper, is a highly regarded writer and critic - by himself! He clashes with his estranged wife, Imogen Piper who has murderous intentions toward him.

Murder by the Book - Imogen and Selwyn Piper

In the first act, Imogen pulls a gun on Selwyn and kills him - or has she? The next door neighbour, American amateur detective, Peter Fletcher, aided by Selwyn's secretary and his publisher, attempts to solve the murder.

Murder by the Book - Peter, John, Christine and Selwyn

Selwyn Piper    Roger Mathewson
Christine Scott        Tracey Monaghan-Smith
Imogen Piper              Meg Henkus
Peter Fletcher      Matthew Giquel
John Douglas   Andrew Monaghan-Smith
Directed by     Andrew Monaghan-Smith