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Mystery at Blackwater
Directed by Phoebe Guy
By Dan Sutherland
21st - 25th March 2017

Mystery at Blackwater - Marian Halcolme and Mrs Michelson

Mystery at Blackwater by Dan Sutherland is based on the novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

Mystery at Blackwater - Laura Glyde and Walter Hartright

Mystery at Blackwater - Anne Catherick

This tale of Victorian mystery and skullduggery centres around Sir Percival Glyde, and whether his foreign friend, Count Fosco, will support his endeavours to their ultimate conclusion.

Mystery at Blackwater - Sir Percival Glyde

Mystery at Blackwater - Sir Percival Glyde and count Fosco

Or will the mysterious woman in white reveal the awful truth?

Mystery at Blackwater -  Marian Halcombe, Laura Glyde and Madame Fosco

Walter HartrightRic Hutton
Anne CatherickCharlotte Guy
The DoctorIan Guy
Marian Halcombe, half sister to LauraKaitlin Nixson
Mrs Michelson, the housekeeperTara Studholme Lyons
Alice, the housemaidJenny Nash
Laura GlydeClarisa Place
Sir Percival Glyde, her husbandEd Heeley
Count FoscoGraham Setter
Madame Fosco, Laura's auntLynda Anning
Mrs Catherick, Anne's motherPamela Hoad

This play was previously performed Mystery at Blackwater - 1961