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Exeter Drama Company

New Balls Please

Directed by Ric Hutton
Was performed 28th September at The Shed.

Another one of our popular one night stands, New Balls Please was an eclectic collection of sketches and readings on a sporty theme.

New Balls Please - In at the Deep End - Laurie

New Balls Please - Brian

New Balls Please - Ali, Laurie, Jenny, Jamie and Jess

New Balls Please - Ali and Jenny

In at the Deep EndLaurie Brown and Jennie Anderson
The PenaltyAlistair Bibby
Sports Day 2012Jenny Nash
A SongBrian Lawless
This is the Football SeasonJess Goddard
Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle RivalryBrian Lawless, Jennie Anderson and Alistair Bibby
All in a GameJenny Nash
Sport Related InjuriesBrian Lawless and Jess Goddard
Famous Sporting QuotesAll
Ode to GolfLaurie Brown
Events That Used to be in the OlympicsAll
DugoutsAlistair Bibby and Jenny Nash
Taking SidesJess Goddard
More QuotesAll
Mastering the CraftLaurie Brown
A SongBrian Lawless
New Zealand has the HakaJenny Nash, Alistair Bibby, Jess Goddard and Laurie Brown
The SemisBrian Lawless
World Cup TeamsAll
Snooker PlayersJess Godddard
Too Much TennisAlistair Bibby, Jennie Anderson, Laurie Brown and Jenny Nash
Hunter TrialsJennie Anderson
Famous Football QuotesAll