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Date of this bulletin: November 2017

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The Committee

Date of this bulletin: 5th August 2017

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Fundraising Video

Date of this bulletin: 2nd August 2016

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Voting for In House Awards 2014 - 2015

Thank you to everyone who returned their voting form for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Production. The winners were presented with their trophies at the AGM meeting in July:

Best Actor is Jake Lee Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Best Actress is Diana Phillips Queen Mary Crown Matrimonial

Best Production is A Midsumer Night's Dream directed by Ian Guy & Alice Purcell

Date of this bulletin: March 2016

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1950s Party in celebration of our 60th Anniversary

Date of this bulletin: September 2014

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Spend And Raise - Exeter Drama Company

Date of this bulletin: 8th October 2011

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Annual Do

Date of this bulletin: 2nd February 2011

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Date of this bulletin: 19th December 2010


Date of this bulletin: Updated 10th November 2010

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Last Night at Stepcote picture

last night at Stepcote

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The last night at our Stepcote Theatre

Date of this bulletin: 12th March 2008

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