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Now, What Did I come Up Here For?

Directed by Denise Gough
Will be performed Friday 20th June 2014 at The Shed.

Now, What did I Come Up Here For? - Brian, Meg, Lynda, Robin, Wendy and Di

Getting older comes to us all, thereís nothing we can do about it. Except laugh.

Now, What did I Come Up Here For? - Meg, Paul and Lynda

So come along and enjoy our usual evening of jokes, poems and sketches.

Now, What did I Come Up Here For? - Robin And Roger

Some of the topics under discussion may already be happening in your lives, if not, itís something to look forward to!

Now, What did I Come Up Here For? - Di, Sooty!, Robin and Paul

The Cast: Lynda Anning, Paul Anning, Meg Henkus, Brian Lawless, Roger Mathewson, Wendy Montgomery, Di Phillips and Robin Thwaytes.

As You Like it by William ShakespeareCast Members
I Remember Nothing by Nora EphronCast Members
Life by Bob TuckerCast Members
Interesting Times by Terry PratchettCast Members
Prettiest Eyes by The Beautiful SouthCast Members
Warning by Jenny JosephCast Members
Clean Pants by Janice SimpsonCast Members
Father William by Lewis CarrollCast Members
Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred UhryCast Members
Always Look on the bright Side of LifeCast Members
My Old Dutch by Albert ChevalierCast Members
Calendar Girls by Tim FirthCast Members
If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits? by Erma BombeckCast Members
As Stately as a Galleon by Joyce GrenfellCast Members
Something to Look Forward To - Facts about Getting OlderCast Members
Grumpy Old Gits Guide to LifeCast Members
Talking Heads by Alan BennettCast Members
Sooty, Sweep and Soo in the Nursing HomeCast Members
Now We are 60 by Christopher Matthew (3 poems)Cast Members
It's Never Too Late from The Boy Friend by Sandy WilsonCast Members