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Old Time Music Hall - 1977

A riot of colour, song , dance and sketches make up this traditional Old Music Hall extravaganza.

Old Time Music Hall

The Stepcote Sisters
Miss Vesta Swann
Radio Play
The Wurlitizers
Mr Down and Miss Out
Miss Vesta Swann
Miss Ann Pears
Miss Kossoff and Mr Kickoff
The Tinder Girl
Mr Tony Thompson
Mr Tommy D'Arcy and Joy Belle
The Clean Up
The De-Generation Game
I say I say I say
Sing Along
Members taking part in the above................. Wendy Montgomery, Jill Fairbairn,
Joy Hancocks, Judy Carnall,
Carole Smerdon, Mary Beck, Gwen West,
Ivor Montgomery, Leslie Hancocks,
Colin Stewart and Keith Spencer
Produced by ................. Keith Spencer