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Exeter Drama Company

Old Time Music Hall - 1978

A traditional Old Time Music Hall with singing and dancing.

Old Time Music Hall

Produced by Joy Hancocks

Mr Jeremiah QuirkIvor Montgomery
The Stepcote SingersTerry Pyle, Carole Smerdon,
Stephen Bennett, Wendy Montgomery,
Colin Stewart, Sylvia Frost,
Keith Spencer and Mary Beck
Miss Psyche and Miss PathicJudith Studley and Julie Yeo
Miss Vesta SwannGwen West
The Dress RehearsalLeslie Hancocks, Terry Pyle,
Joy Hancocks and Keith Spencer
Miss Joy BrimfullWendy Montgomery
Henry and LizaJill Fairbairn and Mary Beck
The Rev B. ToogoodMark Currey
The ExtremesColin Stewart, Terry Pyle
and Keith Spencer
Fathers Economy DriveWendy Montgomery, Barbara Farmer,
Jill Fairbairn and Bernard Rosenberg
The TripletsJudith Studley, Julie Yeo
and Alison Welsh
Joan and JonnieSylvia Frost and Stephen Bennett
Miss Rag and MuffinGwen West and Keith Spencer
Miss Joy BelleJoy Hancocks
Miss Fitt and Miss HappCarole Smerdon and Mary Beck
Beat the ClockJill Fairbairn and Keith Spencer
Mr Tommy D'ArcyLeslie Hancocks
Produced byGwen West and Keith Spencer